Supreme Nanotech is the authorized distributor of an award wining Germany based clean tech firm that distributes advanced surface substance nanotechnologies globally. Supreme Nanotech’s mission is to harness nanotechnology as a leading innovator for every product in future. Our eco-friendly protective nano and micron scale thin-film coatings make any surface material more energy efficient, surfaces cleaner, lessen e-waste, protection for product, and disinfections. We are committed to solving global challenges through scientific researches with our associated laboratories both domestically and internationally.


Founded in 2015 and officially launch in 2016 offering nanocoating solutions for surface material and consumer products with numerous nanocoating technologies. We offer the all–in-one solution regardless of any client’s needs, with professional teams of chemical engineers and material scientists. We are determined to find the best solution for each individual customer. Our customized, non-toxic, nanocoating products are all made within strictly controlled parameters and regulations of Germany.


To create new and higher expectations in product quality and in product properties. Consumers should demand more innovative products with enhanced qualities, and producers should be innovating in order to provide it. We aim to make that happen.