Laboratory-Tested to Fully Protect


Shift the level of excellence in plastic surface protection with our “Supreme Plastic Coat”, which is a coating that provides water and oil repelling properties to any impermeable synthetic or plastic surfaces, resulting in resistances and ease in cleaning without affecting the appearance or texture of the material. Easily applied by spraying or wiping on desired applications.


These non-stick coatings are suitable for smooth surfaces of metal, aluminum, steel, or other alloy surfaces. Our cutting edge hydro-coating technology causes the particles of contamination such as grease and oil from environmental pollution to adhere less to the substrates and or allow them to be easily removed from the initial protection. Claiming to be the “Clean with Ease” protective solution all metals and alloy surfaces.


Available as polish-coat systems or spray-coating systems. Apply on metal surfaces with circular motion using clean paper, linen or microfiber cloth. The nano-coating is completely hardened after 24 hours. The easy-to-clean effect can only be tested after this hardening phase. Materials such as Automotive paint, aluminum rims, or metal surfaces are all treatable by our product.